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Eleung Ltd

Room 206, A-B, 2/F,

Keader Center, 129,
On Lok Rd, Yuen Long,
N.T., Hong Kong,

E: cs@eleung.com.hk

T: 852-2478 4983

F: 852-2477 5338

ZhongShan Taly Plastic Extusion co.Ltd

DongHeng road,DongYa Technology Park
DongYa Technology Park
GuangTang Village,NanLang Town
ZhongShan City,China

E: cs2@taly-china.cn

T: +86-0760 85707511
F: +86-0760 85571040


LA/ES, Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.A
Viale dell'Industria, 6
22070 Beregazzo con Figliaro CO, Italia

E: website@la-es.com
T: +39-031 9930111
F: +39-031 941384

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