Who we are


Eleung was set up in 1986 in Hong Kong as a company operating in the production and sale of cellulose acetate plates. When, in the nineties, companies started to look towards China, Eleung suddenly found itself at the centre of the world. In 2000, the company was acquired by LA/ES and this completed the company’s transformation from a workshop to an international organization. Today, Eleung is one of the leading suppliers of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world, both for the Asian market and for the European and American markets.

Our origins


In 2003, the production department was moved to the city of Zhongshan where, with the support and experience of the parent company LA-ES, all the new technologies are developed while Hong Kong hosts the representative offices for presenting new collections to customers and the sales offices with the warehouse for managing the reception and shipment of goods all over world.

The company


Technology and industrialization in the sector have made enormous progress but many of our production processes still require extraordinary manual skills, an in-depth knowledge of and passion for the product. The traditional techniques and craftsmanship that have remained unchanged over the years are an indispensable condition for obtaining unique products with new, surprising effects, capable of satisfying a complex and demanding world like the design world.

Manual skills


Within its technical department, Eleung continually designs and develops new products with a view to providing you with the inspiration you need to create your collections. Extrusion, lamination, digital printing, dryblock, wetblock and modularblock are just some of the available production techniques, while the possibility of producing cellulose acetate directly from flakes in a fully autonomous way opens new scenarios in the production of a raw material of an extremely high quality.



The long experience of the parent company combined with the innovative spirit of our company produces new ideas every day. Thanks to our designers, who are always searching for inspiration in the world of trends, we develop and propose new collections of products that we know will satisfy customers’ needs and communicate our history, our experience and our desire to produce something new every day.

The collections


The philosophy that we have always adopted is to make the customer feel at the centre of a creative process. Our Research and Development department collects your requests and produces countless samples in a very short time, so as to complete the design together and develop the new products. We want to be much more than a partner, that is, a true design workshop that provides a continuous flow of new ideas.

The service